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How to Show Wire Jumps Where Lines Cross


When two lines representing conductors cross over one another it may be desired to clearly show that these conductors are not connected together. This is not necessary for the circuit interconnection analysis, but may be desired for graphical clarity.

Wire jump arcs can be automatically or manually placed and removed from the drawing using the Place wire Jumps function.

In the Elecdes wire and cable preferences you can specify if the wire jump function will place arcs or make gaps on the drawing where lines intersect. These are the most common methods of clearly showing conductors are not connected when they cross.


Adding wire jumps

  1. Select Place wire Jumps from the Elecdes > Wire and Cable menu.


  1. To place wire jumps individually, pick points at the line intersections where wire jumps are to be placed. You can repeatedly pick points at line intersections or press ESCAPE to finish.

In a region

  1. To automatically place wire jumps at line intersections within a region of the drawing, pick a point to the top-left of the wires.

    Ensure that the point is not over a line segment, otherwise it will simply insert the wire jump, as in the step above.

  2. The function will then ask for the second corner of the area that encompasses all of the wires that will require wire jumps.

  3. Wire jumps will be placed at all line intersections in the region specified.

  4. The function will repeat until you press ESCAPE.

In the whole drawing

  1. To automatically place wire jumps at all line intersections on the drawing press ENTER.

  2. The function will exit after adding the wire jumps.

Removing wire jumps

  1. Select Place wire Jumps from the Elecdes > Wire and Cable menu.

  2. Type R then press the ENTER key. It is now in 'remove' mode.

  3. Follow the same procedure as for adding above, except the jumps will be removed.

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