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How to View Arbitrary Cross Referencing Zone Boundaries

Zone blocks only contain attributes. The attributes define the boundaries of a zone as X, Y co-ordinates of 2, opposite, corners of a rectangle. Therefore, the only visible part of the zone is the zone tag.

Elecdes can draw the boundary of the zone temporarily on the drawing.

View Zones

  1. Select View all Zones (rung nums.) from the Elecdes > Cross Ref. menu.

    Select this item to temporarily display the rectangular area that each zone covers. The rectangle drawn for each zone can be cleared from the drawing with the CAD command "Redraw" or by selecting "Hide Zones", which does a CAD redraw.

Hide Zones

  1. Select Hide all Zones (rung nums.) from the Elecdes > Cross Ref. menu.

    This function simply performs a CAD "Redraw" that clears any zone boundaries temporarily drawn by the View Zones function.

    Zone tags are not hidden by this function.