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How to Insert a Header for a Cross Reference Table


Cross-Reference headers may be placed anywhere on the drawing.

During cross-referencing, if a reference list is required to cross reference a symbol and a list header has not been inserted, it will be inserted automatically.


  1. Select the icon menu Elecdes > Cross Ref. > Insert cross reference symbol.

  2. Select the desired header block from the icon menu.

  3. You will be asked to pick the symbol that will be referenced by this list. You can press ENTER if you do not want to pick a symbol from the current drawing.

  4. Pick the insert point for the header block (This symbol has an insert base point normally at the upper left corner.)

    This point may be placed anywhere on the sheet.

  5. If you did not pick a symbol, you must enter the attribute data for the block: the tagname and location for the reference list or table header.

    NB: the table header must be inserted manually to create table listings for cross-references.

  6. The symbol will be inserted.

Further Information on Cross Referencing

Further information regarding reference list and table headers can be found in the Cross Reference section.

See also: configuring cross-referencing (Ebase).


The following are answers to some commonly asked questions.

  • "Can I move reference list header blocks after a cross reference has been done?"

    Yes - You may position these headers wherever you like. When a new cross-reference is executed, reference lists will be placed at the new position.

  • "Can I erase reference header blocks placed automatically by the cross reference RELOAD?"

    Yes - If erased and not replaced, the header block may reappear when you perform another re-load.

  • "I have a standard reference header on my drawing and wish to make it a table, how do I do this?"

    Erase the standard header, replace it with a table header and give it the same TAGNAME for attribute #1. Then run the cross referencing again and table entries will be inserted, instead of list entries, beneath the table header.

  • "Can I alter reference scaling and positioning of the reference list data?"

    Yes. See configuring cross-referencing (Ebase).

  • "Can I quickly repeat these insertions?"

    Yes - Select REPEAT on the side menu and the function and symbol are repeated. REPEAT may be repeated itself by pressing <ENTER> at the command prompt. (You may also run REPEAT by entering "rp".)

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