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How to Change the Scale of References Generated for a Drawing


Some project drawings can be drawn at a scale significantly different to normal schematics. For example, 2D Panel Layouts usually have components drawn at a scale of 1:1 to the their physical dimensions. These drawings need to be scaled down in order to be plotted within typical sized title blocks (eg A3).

By default, generation of grid references for cross referencing does not account for any scaling used to fit a larger drawing into a smaller title block grid. This can result in grid references being generated that do not exist within the bounds of the border. For example, an A3 border may have a grid from A1 to F8, while a 2D Panel Component (drawn 1m above the floor of a panel) may have a reference generated as T12.


In order to make the generated references for scaled drawings match up with a title block grid:

  1. Modify your title block to include an EDSSCALE attribute.
  2. Set EDSSCALE to a numerical value representing the scale factor of the drawing. For example, if you had a 2D Panel layout and scaled it down by a factor of 10 to fit in the title block grid, then set EDSSCALE to 0.1

Further Information on Cross Referencing

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