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How to Configure the Naming of Components

The Naming Sequencer

The Naming Sequencer provides the default names for components. The EDS Naming Sequencer is a tool used to define sequences for tagname defaults. The name sequences are also used to increment or decrement names.

The sequences are user configurable. You can edit the naming sequences to match your naming requirements.

Naming sequences are stored in a separate database file for each Elecdes project. For example, project "Plant01" will store name sequences in the file "Plant01names.dbf".


  1. Select Edit and Reload Naming for Project from the Elecdes menu.

  2. This will start a row / column editor containing the naming sequences for the current project.

  3. Edit these to suit your requirements.

  4. Close the row / column editor.

  5. The edited name sequence definitions will be reloaded into your current drawing session.

Naming Sequencer Instructions

See Naming Sequencer.