Electrical Design Software | Elecdes Design Suite by Scada Systems Ltd

How to Change Configurable Preferences for Elecdes


All of the user configurable options for Elecdes can be changed using the following two preference dialogs.


  • Select Preferences from the Elecdes menu to change general preferences for Elecdes.

  • Select Cross-Reference Preferences from the Elecdes menu to change the preferences for coil and contact cross referencing of Elecdes.


Elecdes also provides a LISP method of changing your preferences, for those who wish to make their own automation functions. The LISP function:

(CHANGEINISETTING "ini section" "preference variable" "value")

allows this. You must however identify the EL32.INI variable you wish to change and then choose a valid value.


(changeinisetting "elecdes" "maw_space" "15.0")

Changes the auto wire default spacing to 15.0 drawing units.

(changeinisetting "elecdes" "wire_name_schema" "zwire")

Changes the wire name default sequence to the ZWIRE schema.

Elecdes Customisation Instructions

For further details about configuring Elecdes see the Elecdes Customisation manual.

For further details about configuring the Cross Reference Preferences, see the Ebase Customisation manual.