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How to Configure Cable and Wire Naming Sequences

Cable and Wire Naming Sequences

Cables and wires can have several name sequence schemes defined that have no method for Elecdes to automatically determine which scheme to use. For example, you may wish to change wire-naming schemes whenever voltage levels change. To change wire naming sequences you can simply pick a new scheme from the preferences dialog.

The choice of "Default" will let the EDS Name Sequencer make its automatic choice of sequence based on the parameters available, e.g. zone, page, layer, core or conductor configuration.

You can also make this choice directly from the wire or cable-core (conductor) marker insertion dialog. See How to Insert Symbols.

For more information on naming sequences for both cables and wires, see Naming Sequencer.


  1. Choose Preferences from the Elecdes Menu. You will be presented with the Elecdes Preferences Dialog.

  2. Go to the Cables/Wires tab page

  3. You will see the Current Naming Scheme for Cables and Wires group box shown below

  4. Choose the appropriate sequences from the droplists