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How to Compute Values from a Formula


The Compute Values function allows values for cells to be generated based on other record data, by evaluating a user-defined formula.


  1. Select the cells to populate with generated values.

  2. Select Compute Values from the Context Menu or Edit Menu.

  3. The Compute Values from Formula dialog box will be displayed, with a formula field for each column in the selection.

  4. Enter a valid formula for each column.

    Note: If you plan to reuse any formulae at a later time, keep a copy of them in a safe place - the dialog only remembers the most recently used formula.

    Example in Instrument Manager (with formulae entered):

  5. Click OK.

    The formulae for each column will be evaluated for each record with selected cells, and the results written into the selected cells.

    If there is a syntax error in your formula, an descriptive error will be shown, and you will be able to return to the dialog to correct the error.

    Note: Field names are not checked - non-existent fields that are referenced will be treated as a column with no data (all blanks).

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