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How to Sort and Filter the Component List


The component list is sorted alphanumerically by the contents of the leftmost column/field. The leftmost column/field, and the other fields in the component list, can be changed during the selection process.

The component list can be filtered by the values displayed in the columns/fields of the list. This system can be used to assist in quickly picking components from a long list.

Operation of function

  1. Above the component list are three drop-down lists corresponding to the three fields which will be displayed in the component list. Select the field you wish to display.

  2. Changing the leftmost field (the sort field) will cause the list to be re-sorted with the index being the left field data.

  3. Changing the second and third field allows you to display your choice of key fields, making the selection process easier.

  1. Above the component list are three tick boxes and three associated edit boxes. One tick box and one edit box for each of the fields displayed in the component list.

  2. Enable component filtering by checking the tick box for the field(s) that you what to filter by.

  3. Enter the values that you want to filter by in the edit boxes for the appropriate fields. These values can contain wildcards (i.e. * #) as used in the windows file searching.