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Whats New in Version 7.7

Version 7.7.5

New Features

VersionEDS ComponentDescription ManagerAdded setting to disable synchronising with linked P&ID tables. 2013 Support

Version 7.7.4

New Features

VersionEDS ComponentDescription ManagerNew report templates. Waypoints and Panels on the Cable Route Drawing dialog can add or remove waypoints from a cable. ManagerAdded SLP hint for custom loop diagram to get sub-loop from I/O channel (terminal group). (SLP;<T.G. link ref>)
Conductor Routing (Paneldes, CS)Display Waypoints and Panels from the Cable Route Drawing dialog - queries the waypoint segments of the selected cable. cables can be put “On Hold” by locking the cables. locking, issuing and pulling from the Cable Route Drawing dialog. Routing (Paneldes, CS)Added a warning if one or more of the waypoints for a cable have the wrong power value for the cable. a “cloud” of segments local to the closest to a panel if none are within the main tolerance. New setting.
Added option to create a text file log of the names of the segments that are found at each panel or device for each cable or wire.
REPORT_SEGS_TO_PANEL_CONNECTIONS option to create a text file log of the route tracing steps for analysis (text file can be huge). ROUTE_TRACE_OUTPUT
Instrument Manager, Cable SchedulerCustom loop hints are refreshed quietly prior to generating any custom loop diagram (including sub-diagrams).
Update an existing project database with new tables and/or columns now in the database template.
Link to the one-record P&ID project data table, PnPProject. Links from the IM project data table, ProjectData. Use #PJ:R2:...#. Routing (Paneldes, CS)Routing now allows bottleneck passes to jump between disconnected networks to highlight breaks in the network.
EbaseReport panel description in cable report (VISDESCP_A/_B) from VISDESCP attribute of any device or terminal in a panel. raceway segments including corners and risers automatically that trace a 3D polyline.
Paneldes, EbaseRSTATUS can be specified for a component following the text “RSTATUS:” in the AUX2 attribute. EditorFind and Replace from File: a table with a column of text to find and corresponding replacement text for each item.
Instrument Manager, Cable SchedulerSupport alternate table and alternate primary key specified in formulae:
e.g. #R2>PnPDataLinks,RowID:DwgID>PnPDrawings,PnPID:Dwg Name#
GeneralAttribute mapping from long attribute names to 10 character DBF field names (currently for Update, Global Edit and Reports).
AttributeMap.dbf - COLUMN and ATTRIBUTE columns.

Version 7.7.3

New Features

VersionEDS ComponentDescription option that schematic RSTATUS of WIRELINKLEFT / RIGHT forces a link to draw as a link, overriding Max Links setting.

Version 7.7.2

New Features

VersionEDS ComponentDescription Manager, Cable SchedulerLinking to a P&ID database modified to suit AutoCAD P&ID (AP&ID). No longer supports previous linking system.
Linking to a P&ID database table uses import, so now supports rating table assignment and identifying existing components.
Importing now allows an assignment-only mapping - no real data is imported, data is created from only the map file entries.
Importing now supports a Lookup mapping: Lookup “Type” from “TypeCodeToRatingTable.dbf” in “CODE” return “VALUE”
e.g. Lookup “Type” from “TypeCodeToRatingTable.dbf” in “CODE” return “VALUE”
Type = Name of column in the imported data table containing the code to look up in the lookup table.
TypeCodeToRatingTable.dbf = Lookup table, in this case containing instrument type codes against IM rating tables.
CODE = Column from the lookup table in which to look for the code from the imported data.
VALUE = Column from the lookup table that contains the return value.
Importing now supports all standard EDS pattern matching filters ( =, ==, !=, <>, <, <=, > and >= ) for a Conditional Mapping.
Edit view now allows changes to data behind relational column aliases, e.g. edit <Enclosure> to change enclosure name.
New menu option to unlink a P&ID database table.
PaneldesDevices, terminals, accessories, raceway and plates now optionally inserted as 3DSOLID entities.
3D block optionally grouped with component, raceway, panel or plate shape.
Panel plates optionally grouped with panel frame.
“Pick point with OSNAP” choice for placing components is now retained for next component.
Conductor Routing (Paneldes, CS)NEC rules for raceway filling now supported in metric units.
Second trim wastage variable added - can be length or percentage.
Elecdessref menu function will now browse for a symbol file if the menu entry does not specify a symbol, like mtd_insert.

Version 7.7.1

New Features

VersionEDS ComponentDescription ManagerCustom loop formulae can now specify a resolved link should set the component’s D1 or not via a trailing “D1” or “D0”.
#L5=description; type; (hint);D1# means set the D1 link from the component in L5 to this custom loop.
#L5=description; type; (hint);D0# means do not set D1 from the component in L5 to this custom loop. to omit I and O from letters used for references to symbols. Use setting:
xref_letters=ABCDEFGHJKLMNPQRSTUVWXYZ 2012 Support.
Instrument Manager, Cable SchedulerSequential paste will now flow on to children of next parent if there are remaining items to be pasted.
Global Editor, EbaseOption to include units ( mm or “ ) to the drawing position in the X and Y columns of the image files.

Version 7.7.0

New Features

VersionEDS ComponentDescription Routing (Paneldes, CS)Now recognises connections to polarised terminals and attempts to connect to a duct in the specified direction.
SIDE1 connects to a duct above the terminal, SIDE2 connects to a duct below the terminal. ConverterPrevent conversion of XREFs by “unloading” them in the DWG. Manager, Cable SchedulerNew relationship G1 character means “terminal group (child)”, i.e. #G1:Tag# means #~P1:Tag# from the TerminalGroup_ table.
Import Excel 2007 format XLSX spreadsheets.
Importing supports formulae allowing concatenation of imported data, e.g. FIELD set to #PLC Tag#-#PLC Card No#.
Importing can use multiple data filters separated by semicolons, e.g. DESTFIELD set to !=”-“;!=”n/a”.
Import map CONDITIONS = AnyParent allows identification of an existing item by only its unique tag, without specifying parent.
Enabled association between Devices, Instruments, PLCs and Terminal Strips - via A2 columns.
Cable - component connections now show in the tree (i.e. not just individual core/conductor - terminal).
DESTTABLE column in import map files now used to enable importing to tables other than Tag_Tags.
Note that this enables importing Terminal Groups, e.g. for properly importing PLC Cards and their I/O channels.
New Document user type: Associate any document file to a component.
New user type INI file parameter, IS_ASSOCIATED_DOCUMENT=1 means user type is for associated documents.
Instrument ManagerCustom loops can insert sub-loops into model space or paper space layouts according to placement of link formula.
Custom loop hints can use relational aliases, which can resolve to one of a number of formula to suit specified component type.
All main component types can now be assigned to / dropped onto datasheets.
All main component types can now be assigned to / dropped onto hook-up diagrams.
User types can now be assigned to / dropped onto custom loop diagrams.
Elecdes, EbaseDBF Import now supports multiple imports of the same DBF on a single drawing.
EbaseReferences from materials reports can be to cross-reference table for devices and terminal strip diagram for terminals.
PLC WizardAdded Siemens S7-1200 and ET200 as recognised PLC_SERIES.
Global EditorCross-reference and miscellaneous block image files now created from template_$XREF / $BLOCK, not INI settings.