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How to use symbols with long Attributes names for Reporting, Global Editing and Updating


Elecdes supports symbols with attribute names up to 10 characters long. However, in some cases you may want to use custom symbols that has attribute names more than 10 character long. You will need to edit the Attributemap.dbf file for Global Editing, updating or reporting these blocks.


The attributes map file is located in your <EDS>\ELECDES directory.


  1. Open the Attributes.dbf file. You will notice that it has two fields COLUMN and ATTRIBUTE.

    COLUMN You can choose a COLUMN name to be used by Elecdes instead of the long attribute name. This name must be maximum 10 character long.
    ATTRIBUTE The ATTRIBUTE name in your symbol which is longer than 10 characters.

  2. Fill in the values of all the long attribute names into ATTRIBUTE field and their corresponding column names into COLUMN field. The figure below shows the ATTRIBUTE column with the long attribute names and COLUMN field with the attribute name that will be used instead of long attribute names.

  3. Once you save the file COLUMN will behave as a normal attributes and you can GLOBAL EDIT or UPDATE. The column names will appear in the attribute list as shown below.

    The column names will also appear in the drop down list in GLOBAL EDITOR window.

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