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How to Copy and Paste a circuit and rename symbols


Elecdes allows you to use AutoCAD COPY AND PASTE command to copy and paste a circuit and increment the TAGNAMES of the all the components in the selected circuit. When you paste using Ctrl-V ( or by selecting PASTE from AutoCAD Edit menu ), Elecdes scans the whole project and increments TAGNAME of each component in the pasted circuit to the next available TAGNAME. This can be very useful when you have to copy a circuit several times in a drawing without worrying about incrementing the TAGNAMES attribute manually.

The COPY AND PASTE can be used for whole circuit, part of circuit or a single component.

For using the copy circuit you need to make sure that you have enabled the appropriate settings for Rename Symbols after COPY Command from Elecdes Preferences.

NOTE: Copy circuit option is not available in PowerCAD and FelixCAD.


  1. You can select your circuit or and press Ctrl-C( or by selecting COPY from AutoCAD Edit menu ).

  2. Press Ctrl-V from the keyboard for pasting the copied circuit. You can drag your selection and pick a new location for pasting your circuit. Paste as many times as required in your project drawing.

  3. Elecdes will automatically rename TAGNAME of every component in your pasted circuit to the next available TAGNAME in the project.

    The figure below shows the result after pasting the circuit. You will find that all the components have been renamed.

  4. If you have selected the option to Ask before renaming the copied symbols in the settings Rename Symbols after COPY AND PASTE command from Elecdes Preferences then Elecdes will show you a multiple choice dialog as shown below.

    • If you do not want to change any of the pasted symbols then choose Do not rename copies of symbols.
    • If you do not want to stop this dialog showing again you can click on Never Rename copies of symbols.
    • If you want to rename the pasted symbols then choose Rename copies of symbols.
    • If you want to do not want to see this dialog and always rename the copies symbols then click on Always rename copies of symbols.